Oh hungry? Oh Indian-Fine Magazine

Oh hungry? Oh Indian-Fine Magazine

spice lounge-fine magazine

The Spice Lounge provided a fantastic chicken curry with rice for the event. In addition to that, the Spice Lounge brought naan, which is a flat bread often served with curry. The Spice Lounge is a restaurant located in Pacific Beach that is known for creating authentic and delicious Indian food.

Mother Approved Indian Food  — Spice Lounge

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    I’m always so impressed with your props, they always go so perfectly with whatever you’re photographing. You must have an entire room dedicated to them! Those cakes look incredible! I really need to find some mini springform pans. Little things are just cuter.

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    Thanks for taking the time to make such gorgeous images– and for sharing them! Seeing food can be just as satisfying as eating it.

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